Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This or That

When we first started renovating our home, I found that one of the most overwhelming tasks was picking paint colours.  Yikes!  There are just too many colours, and once narrowed down, then you have to pick a shade.  If you view our home before we purchased it you could see that all our painted walls (IE. the ones that weren't covered in wallpaper or cedar paneling) were white, with matching white trim and you may agree that it was blah, blah, blah.

Now, not being a big fan of beige (however, it certainly is warmer than white), I opted for painting the walls two different tones of grey, and painted the trim white to make it pop.  We bought a new white leather sectional for the living room and put up white drapes in the living and dining room.  So now, we are in obvious need of some colour, so here we go again.  What colour scheme should we choose?

My instincts tell me to go with what I love, which would be vibrant greens (and blues for Jeff).

 Aqua Pillow-Etsy Shop TheHomeCentric
Sequin Pillow- Etsy Shop TheHomeCentric
Chandelier-Lamps Plus
Clock-Etsy Shop oneofatime
Artwork-Etsy Shop BrianElston
Round Green Side Table-Pangea Furniture
Green Side Table-Dust Furniture
Green Ottoman-Pangea Furniture

But I am also really digging the dramatic look of glossy red, white and Gothic black furniture:

Pendant Light-Lamps Plus
Zigzag Pillow-Etsy Shop thislittlehome
Red Ruffle Pillow-Etsy Shop ChrissyBru
Coffee Table-Pangea Furniture
Side Table-Pangea Furniture
Black Gloss Vase-My Mirrors
Tree Coat Rack-Dust Furniture
Bookshelf-Dust Furniture
Subway Sign Artwork-Etsy Shop Wordology
Red Artwork-Etsy Shop BrianElston

Which one are you feeling?  Leave me a post or take my poll on the right left hand side!

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