Thursday, April 28, 2011

Distressed Painted Buffet: Part I

Hello all!

It has been awhile since I last wrote anything, (hmmm, I think that's how I began my last post...oops; I will work on this, promise).  However, I have been working on a very time intensive project (at least for me as I have never painted furniture before).  Jeff and I found a dining room set on Kijiji awhile back and since I'm not a fan of plain veneered oak, I decided to paint it.

I love the look of distressed painted furniture however, find it amusing that people are willing to pay such a high price for a scuffed up paint job.  I figured it couldn't be that difficult to achieve the look and set out to give it a go.  Along the way, I discovered (and perhaps this is because I'm not a pro) but the reason why people pay so much instead of doing it themselves is because it takes an amazing amount of time, time and more time (topped with a bit of patience).  But I am more than pleased with the end result, see for yourself!

I began first by sanding the clear varnish off the buffet (with the help of hubby).

After the finish was scuffed up, I painted the entire buffet with two coats of blue (in all the tutorials I've seen so far, they tell you to prime, then apply a coat of wood toned paint; I cheated and just used a paint+primer combo, which worked just as well).

Next, I applied four coats of green paint and when dry, I sanded all the surfaces until the blue paint and wood showed through in some areas (what an arm workout, whew).

Then, I added new hardware (which Jeff picked out, yes, he occasionally has stylish taste), to complete the look.


  1. Hi Taylor, welcome to blogging. I host a newbie party every Monday and would love to have you sometime. THis is an awesome color, amazing what paint can do. Speaking of paint, I have a chalk paint giveaway going on too now, you may want to check it out.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, Debbie! I'll be sure to stop by:)

  3. I love the color! Come by & sign up for my continual giveaway...this week a $100 giveaway! And a few of my recent posts about furniture and bird cages...and a hilarious story about me! ;) Meme

  4. I love the color! You did a great job.....I'd love for you to share this at my party!

    Simply Creations Link Party

  5. Looks great and cute color!

  6. Very fun and bright! Great project.

  7. I'll be doing this this summer to two night tables and a dresser. Thanks for the info :) :)

    - Andrea


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