Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Hello All!

I figured it was about time that I share some progress photos with everyone.  I'll do a post for each room as we go along.  Today, I will share the room that is most missed when it is gone, and the one that both Jeff and I are most proud of (namely Jeff as he did most of the work), any guesses?  You've got it, the Kitchen!

Living without a kitchen is probably one of the least enjoyable experiences of the entire renovation thus far.  We made do without the heart of our home for about two months, start to finish.  It sucked, big time!  We ate out frequently (spent way too much money on not so great food) or were left to making sandwiches on top of the dryer (yes...we actually had a makeshift kitchen in our basement laundry room).  Lucky for us, my mom came to the rescue and cooked her fabulous home-made meals while she was off for the summer (for those of you who have enjoyed my mom's cooking, you will know how fortunate we were for this).  This definitely got us through a very difficult time.

Some of the things we did to update the kitchen were...pretty much everything you could think of.  We completely gutted the thing, down to the studs.  My dad and brother helped Jeff hang some of the drywall, but Jeff did a good chunk by himself (and that stuff is hea-vy).  Once the drywall was hung, mudded, and sanded, Jeff took down the stained stipple from off the ceiling.  Next, it was my turn to contribute...painting.  Afterwards, we had some friends help us assemble the cabinetry which Jeff installed. He updated the plumbing to install a dishwasher, and his dad helped build the counter top which Jeff then tiled (the tile-job was absolutely AMAZING, hence the close-up below).

We still have a few things to do such as replace the light fixtures, add the kick boards to the base cabinets and trim to the upper cabinets.  I'll do another recap once she's all done!

For those of you who didn't have a chance to see our lovely 70's pad before we gutted her, you can catch up here (this will link you back to my first post where I'll give you a tour).  For those of you who are up to date, here is the progress we've made so far!  Let me know what you think!

Jeff's AWESOME tile work!

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