Thursday, June 2, 2011

Style At Home Decor Horoscopes

The current Style At Home electronic newsletter has a decor horoscope.  Find out your decorating personality at this link here.

Everything in Libra's home is well-balanced and harmonious. She gravitates toward a more traditional style with pairs of lamps, mirrors, paintings and vases arranged symmetrically. Her natural elegance and aesthetic leads her to seek out quality pieces and she will not hesitate to spend a bit more for a well-designed object. Libra prefers airy, open spaces. Blues and opal tone help to create that fresh space that she needs. It might take her a while to decide on a wall colour, but in the end, what she creates will look artistic and harmonious.

-Style at Home

Hmmm, while I definitely like things to flow and compliment each other, I would not describe my style as traditional.  I like clean lines, pops of colour and clutter free decorating, so if anything, I am more of a modern chick.  They did get one thing right, it takes me forever to decide on wall colour, or colour for anything really.

Does your horoscope describe your design personality?

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