Monday, September 19, 2011

IMBM: Little Lady, Ladybug Party

As summer reaches its final day here, I wanted to post one more summer themed party idea.  Today, on Inspirational Mood Board Monday, the theme is a little girl's Ladybug Party.  I'm not really a bug person.  Outside, I just try to avoid them.  Inside, I hate them, and often times it ends in smushing creepy crawlies (usually by Jeff).  However, I do like ladybugs.  There is just something so much adorable about them than their six legged friends.

Image Sources:

1.  Invitation via Etsy-DeelightfullyNoted
2.  Tissue Paper Poms via Etsy-PomLove
3.  Return Address Labels and Stickers via Etsy-busybeeparty
4.  Ladybug Tutu and Wings via Etsy-ChantillyLaceCouture
5.  Ladybug Hairclips via Etsy-kurlicues
6.  Cupcakes via Cutest Food
7.  Ladybug Balloons via Frost Me Blog
8.  Ladybug Thank You Tags via Etsy-cstrin
9.  Ladybug Banner via Etsy-ElegantEvee

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