Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Napkin Rings

Hi Everybody,

So, I am having the family over for Christmas Eve dinner (this will be my first time hosting it).  Yay!  I'm sure my mom is thrilled to share the workload.  I am super excited and wanted to share with you, the quick napkin rings I made to use for the dinner (we received cloth napkins as a wedding shower gift TWO YEARS AGO and still haven't used them, so its time to break them out).  

These are super simple-I just used some beads and thread that I already had on hand.  Here are a couple of pointers:
  • The circumference of the ring took 11 medium sized beads
  • If you want to add decorative beading for the top of the ring, start with this in the middle of the string.  Then, proceed to add the beads for the band evenly on both sides.  
  • Using the last bead for the band, thread both sides of the string through it, but in opposite directions and tie off.

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