Monday, March 12, 2012

March Organization : Weekly Meal Planning

As I discussed in my previous post, I'm trying to get my stuff together this month and centralize all my planning, etc. into a single, organized binder.  I created printable calendars in my last post to get me started.  A personal goal that I had set out for myself this year was to attempt to meal plan.  I was finding that I would buy a bunch of groceries once a week with no real plan and would wind up throwing some of it out by the end of the week completely untouched; what a terrible waste!  So I figured, that if I began meal planning and did smaller grocery shops throughout the week, I would be less tempted to eat out and I would also cut back on wasted groceries.  I whipped together a weekly meal planner to get me motivated and organized (below), so wish me luck that I actually manage to stick to it.  

PDF available here

Please feel free to print the PDF if you feel that it would be helpful to you.  


  1. I think this calendar would be more than enough motivation to get me to meal plan - it's so pretty! My best meal planning spree was in January 2010, where I planned all four weeks and we didn't have a restaurant meal ONCE that whole month. But, it only lasted a month. I'll definitely try it again now that I have such a pretty template :)

    1. Thanks. You'll have to keep me posted on whether it works for you. I'm betting for me it may just end up sitting pretty in my binder.

  2. thank you for sharing the meal planning calendar. great idea!!!

  3. Thanks for the awesome menu. I have printed it off and started using it. Thanks for sharing. I shared your awesome menu in my blog here: Thanks again!

  4. I put this in a cute frame, used the velcro stickers and put it on my fridge. Then I use a wet erase marker to fill in the week...Perfect! Thank you!

  5. Way cool! I also appreciate the suggestion from Megan to laminate it -- that will save me TONS of time!!


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