Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Distressed Painted Buffet: Part II


Remember this project from a little over a year ago:

Well, I finally have started to paint the hutch that belongs on top of this buffet.  I followed the same routine I used for painting the buffet to paint this hutch (for details on the buffet you can click here).  Unfortunately, the hutch is still unfinished.  Why?  Well, for starters, there are glass doors that belong on this hutch that I haven't painted the frames for yet.  But that is not the main reason.  While sanding down the hutch, I managed to break 2/3 glass inserts for the doors.  After disassembling the doors, I put the glass on top of the hutch and then began to sand.  Sure enough, I tipped the hutch sending the glass inserts smashing to the ground.  The sad thing is, I had thought to myself prior to sanding that I should move the glass.  Argh!  Oh well!  Perhaps I did it subliminally since the glass had a gold design on it that I really didn't like.  Needless to say, the hutch is not finished and it will stay as is until I get some glass cut.  Stay tuned for Part III.  As for now,  here is what I managed to accomplish.

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