Monday, January 14, 2013

En Suite Reno Part II: Gutting the Bathroom-How to Remove Fixtures and Install Cutoff Valves

Here is a quick little guide on how to rid your bathroom of the sink/vanity and the toilet.  As well, it explains how to install shutoff valves for your plumbing.  Hopefully you find it useful.

  • Pliers
  • Plumbing Pliers
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Utility Knife
  • Teflon Tape (optional)
  • Screwdriver
  • Drywall Spatula
  • 3/8 Connector Shutoff Valves (3)-one for toilet and two for sink


1.  Shut the main water off.
2.  Check that the water is off by turning the sink faucet on.
3.  Drain the toilet by flushing it a couple of times (check that the tank is empty).
4.  Unscrew the water supply pipe for the toilet using pliers.

5.  Screw on one of the shutoff valves and make sure it is closed (switch will be in the off position).  Hint: Use teflon tape if you're worried about leaking and your valve does not have a rubber gasket (wrap the teflon tape twice around the threaded end of the water supply pipe).

6.  Unscrew the water supply pipes for the sink.  Hint: Use a crescent wrench if you're having difficulty reaching with pliers.

7.  Disconnect drain by unscrewing it.

8.  Disconnect sink from the cabinet and remove sink.  Hint: If you're having difficulty, use plumbing pliers for added torque.

9.  With the sink removed, it is easier to get to the screws that connect the cabinet to the wall.  Unscrew the cabinet from the wall.

10.  Using a utility knife, cut the caulking around the vanity.

11.  Tear out the vanity.

12.  Put cutoff valves on the sink water supply pipes (make sure they are in the off position).

13.  If the screws connecting the tank to the toilet bowl aren't too seized, unscrew the tank of the toilet and remove.

14.  Remove the toilet bowl from the floor by unscrewing the nuts.  Be careful not to damage the flange on the floor.  Hint: The flange is what connects your toilet to the plumbing.

15.  Gently rock the toilet bowl loose from the wax ring and remove.  Hint:  If you still have water in the bowl, do not worry.  Just try to keep it level while removing it — you will have a little water drip while carrying it out.

16.  Remove old wax ring using a drywall spatula and clean up.  This step is really messy and even more yucky!  Hint: Make sure you scrape as much wax using the spatula as possible.  This will make clean-up easier.

17.  Disinfect EVERYTHING!!!

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